secretary message

Greetings to all Residents of SAWS !

Dear Colleagues and friends:
Since my first day in office, I pledged to set the highest of ethical standards. The good name of the SAWS is one of its most valuable assets to me and all of us. Integrity and accountability should be the guideposts for each and every one of us. It was an amazing journey with my team 2014-15 lead by President Sri Prabhat Chandra Agarwal. I thank my team, Office Bearers, Trust Board Members for their support and guidance in the entire year. With the great enthusiasm and pride I take this post of General Secretary again. I have being lucky enough to serve SAWS Association the most happening association of our city for the second time. I give many thanks to President Sri Prabhat Chandra Agarwa given me this opportunity, I also thank each members of this committee to have faith in me. I would like to remind all that a resident welfare association is necessary, as it can serve as a committee through which queries can be explained, and issues and problems solved. The presences of a committee or resident welfare association also spice up interaction among residents and get them to contribute equally from their part. Such open social interaction will improve the joy of living in an apartment complex. In order to achieve our goal remember Every Individual Has A Role in an Apartment Association. This is very important. When you are unsure about the right course of action, step up and ask for advice. My office will listen to your concerns and guide you. When you speak up, we can correct situations and prevent problems early on. Our organization will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who reports misconduct or participates in an audit or internal investigation. Let us prepare ourselves to accept the new challenges of the modern competitive era and cope up with the coming circumstance of the socio-economic world with great zeal, vigor and vitality. We would love, time and again to welcome each one of you here and assure you with a wonderful atmosphere for your comfort and stay at SAWS. We are indebted to all our well-wishers who deserve a special mention for the way they co-operated and motivated in our endeavor. Friends I assure you that all the members of my Managing Committee team 2015-16 will be giving you the best in all the fronts whether it be Cultural, Scientific, Ladies wing, Public Health Cell, or Sports.

Happy Staying at SAWS Cordially yours...

Jaiswal NK

Founder- Secretary General